Many people who love Qipao will want to wear one on various occasions, but not all Qipao are suitable for every occasion. What kind should I choose for which occasion?

  1. Casual Qipao: These are generally modern style, which the majority of Beth and Brian Qipao’s selection are. As people's lives become more casual and comfortable, they want a dress that shows a bit of classic style while being comfortable and usable in the modern world. The have various styles and are generally looser fitting, allowing people to move freely.

With casual Qipao you can wear it at home, visiting friends, or on the go and more! With a large number of colors and designs, you can pick what fits your personality best.  Remember, the Qipao fits the woman, not the other way around.(Click photos to shop favorite Qipao dresses ) 

  1. Professional Qipao

Refers to the Qipao worn by professional women at work. The professional Qipao slits should not be too high and are generally around the knees. The color is more dignified and elegant. The styles leaning toward flowery patterns, plain grids and silk material which can show a gentle and reliable style.

  1. Banquet/ Event Qipao

The more important the occasion, the more gorgeous the dress. When you participate in some formal occasions, you want your Qipao to really stand out.  The fabric should be high-grade, the color luxurious, leading to an appearance that is gentle and elegant.

★When attending formal occasions, the length of the cheongsam chosen should not be too short, the splits should not be too high, the color should not be too vibrant.

  1. Wedding Qipao

The fabric should be red with high quality, with a festive vibe. Most of them have embroidered dragons and phoenix patterns.


  1. Chinese New Year

Firstly, due to the season that the New Year happens during we recommend a longer Qipao for warmth. Second, from the perspective of color choice, the New Year is a joyous resignation to the old and welcome the new. It is recommended to choose the traditional red cheongsam. Traditional Chinese festivals are especially suitable for the color of Chinese red. For traditional ones, choose floral patterns, and for fashionable ones, choose lines or square patterns with abstract fashion elements. For simple patterns, you can choose a solid color.


Once the Qipao is chosen it is important to have the proper accessories and make up to go with the style.  Given the above advise you will be sure to turn heads at your Chinese New Year event.


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March 04, 2021 — Dingding Firmin