What is  difference between imitation Acetate and Acetate?

Acetate fiber belongs to the man-made fiber family. It is most like to artificial silk fiber. It is made by advanced textile technology. It has bright colors and bright appearance. The touch is smooth and comfortable, and the gloss and performance are close to that of mulberry silk.

 Imitation Acetate is different from Acetate. The price of Acetate in the market is relatively high and most people can’t afford them. Imitation Acetate, in terms of performance and color are all similar to Acetate fabrics, but they are more cost-effective. They are popular and can be used for various clothing materials.

Imitation Acetate fabrics have excellent expandability and continuity. Imitation Acetate fabrics overcome the problems of softer silk satin fabrics and their poor UV protection, loved by people.

What is Imitation Acetate satin material used on Imitation Acetate Qipao?