Spring and Autumn collection, silk long Qipao

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Qipao Details:
MaterialArtificial silk
Thickness: Medium
Elasticity: Non-elastic
Feel: Drape, soft, comfortable, breathable
Occasions: Weddings, tea ceremonies, and special occasions
Size Chart: (scroll to the side for full chart)
  • The measurements in the size chart are based on clothes. Not your body measurements. So you will choose the size a little Larger (about 0.5-1") than your body size. If any part of your body especially busts or hips at the upper end of the size range then please choose the next larger size range.
  • If your measurements happen to be between two sizes, please choose the next bigger one.
Size Bust Waist Hips Dress
M(inches) 33.86 27.56 35.43 49.21 14.57
M(cm) 86.00 70.00 90.00 125.00 37.00
L(inches) 35.43 29.13 37.01 49.61 14.96
L(cm) 90.00 74.00 94.00 126.00 38.00
XL(inches) 37.01 30.71 38.58 49.61 15.35
XL(cm) 94.00 78.00 98.00 126.00 39.00
XXL(inches) 38.58 32.28 40.16 50.00 15.75
XXL(cm) 98.00 82.00 102.00 127.00 40.00
3XL(inches) 40.16 33.86 41.73 50.00 16.14
3XL(cm) 102.00 86.00 106.00 127.00 41.00
4XL(inches) 41.73 35.43 43.31 50.39 16.54
4XL(cm) 106.00 90.00 110.00 128.00 42.00
5XL(inches) 43.31 37.01 44.88 50.39 16.93
5XL(cm) 110.00 94.00 114.00 128.00 43.00
Measurement Guidance

Please measure yourself and compare with our size chart under each item to find the right size for you.

●  Please measure 2-3 times to be sure and record in centimeters.

●  We strongly recommend that you have your measurements taken by a professional tailor.

●  For custom orders, please wear the bra and shoes you plan to wear to ensure accurate measurements.

Please measure where needed according to custom order guide or tailoring service guide.


 Please let us know your basic information:

Your height (cm), height of your shoes (cm), your weight (kg), your typical bra size.


How to Measure:

1. Bust

Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust and center the tape on your back so it's leveled all the way around. Wear a bra while measuring if you plan on wearing one with the dress!

2. Waist

Measure around the natural waistline. ( Find the natural crease by bending to one side).

3. Hips

Feet together, measure around the fullest part.



4. Qipao length ( Shoulder to Hem )

Stand upright and measure from the midpoint of your shoulder straight down over the fullest part of bust measure to where you’d like the hem to end.

Beth and Brian Qipao


5. Shoulder width

If you lift up your arms, where your shoulder joint indents are where the measurement should start. You can also wear a fitted t-shirt and measure from one shoulder seam to the other.

 measurement guide photo


6.Shoulder to Apex

Measure from the midpoint of your shoulder down to the middle of your bust.

Beth and Brian Qipao


7.Apex to Apex

Measure the distance between the two apex points with measuring tape parallel to the floor.


8. Shoulder to Waist

Measure from where the neck meets the shoulder, over the fullest part of the bust, to where the narrowest part of the waist sits.

Beth and Brian Qipao


9. Back ( Back Armpit to Armpit )

Measure the distance between your two armpits on your back.


10. Armhole

Measure from the top outside edge of the shoulder down around armpit (360 degrees). 

Beth and Brian Qipao


11. Bicep

Measure 360 degrees around the widest part of your biceps. Keep your arm relaxed.

Beth and Brian Qipao


Measure 360 degrees around the base of your neck where a choker necklace would sit, with a finger added inside the tape for comfort.

Beth and Brian Qipao


Size Guide

Please pay close attention to the chart below each Qipao as different designs and different fabrics come in different sizes. The standard size in China is different from other countries, it is smaller.

Please email us if you need assistance with sizing and we'll be more than happy to help! 

If you need more help in choosing your size, please read: Size Guide

If you need tailoring service, please order: Tailor service

If you need a custom Qipao, please check out our  Customize collection.

Maintenance Tips

Here are Some tips for taking care of your beautiful Qipao dresses. 

For Regular Qipao dresses : 
If you don’t have time to hand-wash your regular suede fabric, composite lace, velvet, satin, or artificial tea silk Qipao dresses,  then please place the regular Qipao into a thick mesh bag ( wash bag) before putting it in a washer. Please make sure the water is tap cold/cold then chose light wash. Finally, please air dry it.
For mulberry silk Qipao dresses : 
1)  Mulberry silk can’t be washed with soap, washing powder, liquid detergent. Silk will fade when it encounters alkaline chemicals. Avoid soaking. Never use a hard brush or vigorously rub.  It is recommended to use shower gel and cold water to hand-wash, and rub gently. It is recommended to air dry. 

2) It is okay to dry-clean mulberry silk qipao too. 
For Cotton or Linen Qipao dresses / Tang suits:  
1)  If you don’t have time to hand-wash your cotton and linen Qipao or Tang suits,  please place them into thick mesh bags ( wash bags ) before putting it in a washer. It is highly recommended to use tap cold/cold water to wash cotton and linen material items. Avoid prolonged soaking. Never use a hard brush or vigorously rub. Use bleach-free detergent to avoid fading.  It is recommended to air dry. 

2) It is okay to dry-clean cotton and linen qipao too. 
Finally, please make sure to divide the qipao into deep and light colors and wash it separately.


About Qipao

The feeling of a Qipao is dignified, elegant, rich, swaying and full of style. The image of Shanghai women wearing Qipao in the last century has been deeply imprinted in the memory of countless women who pursued elegance, nobility and fashion.

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Megan W.
Australia Australia

The dress is lovely but my ordering experience wasn't the best.

I should start this review off by acknowledging that this dress is lovely (if a little darker than the picture) and just what I was looking for. It does in fact fit great on me, in fact it is even a little bit loose, which was my intention. I am about a US size 12 (Australian size 16) so I made many efforts to measure myself to make sure I matched up with the size chart provided with the item listing. I was confident when I ordered the 5XL that this should fit me, if be slightly roomy to let me alter it if need be when it arrived. I appreciate that sizing is really taken into consideration with these orders - it can be hard with Qi Pao due to the cut and design of them, and people with larger bodies often struggle. As a business that does specifically provide larger sizes and has partnered with larger sized people in the past, I do appreciate this effort especially in the world of traditional Asian clothing. As prompted when I bought the dress, I entered my measurements, and notably my weight. I do think in future I will omit this last number. It was with significant disappointment that I was sent an email to let me know that the shop did not think the dress would fit me, and that I should consider ordering a custom dress. I double checked my measurements, this time with the help of my partner to make sure I was getting them as accurate as possible, and then replied with these numbers and the size chart from the website listing itself showing that my measurements were more than within those on the chart and should be a fine fit. This was when the person emailing me informed me that "according to our experience, 5XL usually fits a maximum weight of 180lbs, that's why we were worried." For reference. I had provided my weight, which is approx 96kg (212lbs). I'm aware that some people will read that as heavy. Especially as my height is 165cm (5'5"). But it broke me to see that even though my measurements were, in their OWN words were "ok", that it was my WEIGHT that they had an issue with. I am not delusional about my physique, but this made me feel awful, especially as this was for my wedding, and I had already been on a weight loss journey and it took me a long time to decide I did want to wear a qipao for our civil service so I could feel connected to my culture because I knew it would be difficult as I am a curvier woman. I really caution any plus size purchasers to be ready for these kinds of questions. I am glad that I trusted myself and doubled down requesting the size I had purchased as this was the right choice for me. Again, I am sure this shop has had to deal with many issues with sizing with requests for returns etc as not everyone is conscientious when picking their sizes, but there is a better way to approach this than to openly admit your issues with weight. We all carry weight VERY differently. I for one have a fairly decent amount of muscle, but others who may be lighter than me might look heavier, or those who are much smaller than me still weigh the same due to density and height. It is ridiculous to look at a random number like 180lbs and decide that that is the cut off for a dress as it gives you no indication of a person's actual physique, whereas measurements do! In addition, their reasoning doesn't make any sense and to me seems like a basic upselling ploy that preys on people's insecurities about their bodies. What difference would it have been if I had then requested a custom dress with the exact same measurements I had already provided the shop in purchasing a regular dress? What would they have done to "accommodate" for my weight other than possibly make something so much bigger than what I needed? I am not sure if I will purchase again from Beth and Brian QiPao, which is a pity because I really love the dresses, but this experience really left a sour taste in my mouth. I at the very least suggest to the company that if you are going to be open to working with plus-size (or to be honest, just average sized, as your size range is not actually plus-size inclusive) women, then you need to have a look at how you handle these conversations in customer service. It's not enough to just take our money if one of your selling points is 'size inclusivity'. Thank you for your time if you have read this far. I hope my words were accepted with understanding. I am not interested in smearing a company, we are all just trying to do our best, I am just hoping that my experience can help you and your customers have a better encounter going forward.