Beth and Brian is here to share fair, elegant, timeless and simply beautiful Qipao/Cheongsam with you; the kind, graceful and strong woman.

Beth and Brian is here to share fair, elegant, timeless and simply beautiful Qipao/Cheongsam with you; the kind, graceful and strong woman.

(Beth and Brian first Qipao and Tang suit shoot on Secret beach, Hawaii )

Beth was three months pregnant

Greetings, everyone! Allow us to introduce Beth and Brian, representing the perfect fusion of East and West. Beth hails from China, while Brian from Virginia, USA. Beth and Brian union symbolizes the harmonious blend of cultures.

Having crossed paths in the mesmerizing paradise of Hawaii, Beth and Brian not only found love but also tied the knot in this idyllic setting. Brian admires Beth for her bravery, immense strength, and undeniable cuteness. Similarly, Beth holds Brian in high regard for his graceful demeanor, sharp intellect, and dedication.

Brian has always been captivated by Chinese Kung fu movies, particularly the traditional Tang suits worn by martial artists. When he dons these magnificent garments, Brian emanates the charisma of a Kung fu star. On the other hand, Beth adores the elegance of the Qipao and holds a deep appreciation for Chinese culture. To her, the Qipao represents a mysterious embodiment of femininity, simultaneously exuding class, sensuality, playfulness, and allure. Beth firmly believes that every woman should experience the essence of a Qipao, which inspired the birth of the Beth and Brian Qipao store!

Beth and Brian mission is to empower you with our exquisite collection of Qipao dresses, allowing you to embrace grace, strength, and playfulness.

Drawing upon Beth extensive background in both her family business and export ventures, Beth is determined to provide exceptional care and assistance to all our valued customers at the Beth and Brian Qipao store. Building long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with our clientele is Beth's ultimate goal.

Rest assured, we meticulously select our partner factories to ensure the good quality standards while preserving the rich heritage of Chinese culture. Thorough background checks, extensive experience, and exceptional craftsmanship are the cornerstones of our factory selection process. Some of these factories boast over two decades of expertise in crafting exquisite Qipao dresses, with some even being cherished family businesses passed down through generations. There are factory owners who began their journey in this industry as young individuals, eventually acquiring the very factories they worked in and emerging as leaders in the realm of mulberry silk Qipao production within their respective regions.

At the Beth and Brian Qipao store, we invite you to embark on a journey of timeless elegance, cultural appreciation, and self-empowerment. Let our Qipao dresses weave a tapestry of grace, strength, and playfulness into your life.
Beth and Brian