Tang Dynasty for girl, phoenix pattern, long MaMian Qun set 馬面裙

$83.00 USD

Qipao Details:
Material: Cotton and Satin
Set: Top + MaMian Qun
Thickness: Moderate thickness
Elasticity: Nonelastic
Feel: Drape, soft, comfortable
Occasions: Daily wear

Children Size Chart: (Scroll to the side for full chart):
  • Please compare children's height with our post-size chart priority, it will be more accurate.
Size Children
Unit Children Weight  Unit
M 47.24 (Inches) 38.58-49.60 (lbs)
M 120 (cm) 17.50-22.50 (kg)
L 51.18 (Inches) 49.60-55.12 (lbs)
L 130 (cm) 22.50-25.00 (kg)
XL 55.12 (Inches) 55.12-71.65 (lbs)
XL 140 (cm) 25.00-32.50 (kg)
2XL 59.06 (Inches) 71.65-82.67 (lbs)
2XL 150 (cm) 32.50-37.50 (kg)
3XL 62.99 (Inches) 85.98-93.70 (lbs)
3XL 160 (cm) 39.00-42.50 (kg)
4XL 66.93 (Inches) 93.70-104.72 (lbs)
4XL 170 (cm) 42.50-47.50 (kg)

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